Pursuit of Greatness


We all seek success to some degree. Whether it's having more than enough money, notoriety, our name on a book, there is something we all want. For the driven and ambitious, they may attain that goal in their lifetime. 

But there is yet another level of success a select few achieve. The people that shape our culture and our world, many of them did not start out by wanting success. They were driven by something deeper. An obsession, a noble cause, a lifetime devoted to a single challenge. These are the people whose names are written in books and remembered for decades.

It seems glamorous and desirable, to be one of those people. But we do not see the cost, the toll it takes on their family, relationships, their mind and body. The insatiable drive that creates a Steve Jobs, an Elon Musk, it is both beautiful to us on the outside, and exhausting to those living it. We should all strive to do something meaningful with our lives, but be careful with how much of your life you devote to that something.

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