Growing Pains


Deep down we know that progress and forward movement is good. New technologies and strategies, new processes and workflows; all these are regular occurrences in a progressive and growing organization. Yet, we consistently fight against change.

When someone asks me what software or service can accomplish their desired goal, I’m always surprised when they respond with: “That probably has a learning curve huh?” Yes, of course it does! You are trying something completely new, if it didn’t require you to advance your skills how meaningful could this new venture be?

Change is always hard, sometimes exponentially so, but if the new thing is clearly worth it so is the effort to change. Systems can stagnate quickly, especially in today’s world. Change equals energy, and if you find the change was misguided, change again. Better to be trying several options, even if imperfect, than to mold on a system that “still works.”


Stephen Robleschange