Growing Pains


During my high school years I had a tooth pulled, two years of braces, countless hygiene appointments, and four wisdom teeth removed. For the most part, those were painful experiences, but each had a very important purpose.

After getting married, I went eight years without going to the dentist. Not something I'd advise. But at my first trip back, I still had no cavities, no dental issues, and the Doctor said if I keep brushing and flossing I'd "never have any problems." That's an extremely comforting thing to hear as an adult.

But the only reason I don't have to worry is the preparation my parents did while I was a teenager. All the pain, procedures, and Jell-O lunches seemed a little like torture at the time, but deep down I knew it would be worth it on the other side.

When an organization is trying to set itself up for long-term success and healthy function, there's going to be some pain in the process. There may even be bleeding, and some teeth have to be removed, but once the tough work is done, there can be peace. You still have to brush, floss, and maintain what you've worked for, but it will be worth it.

Stephen Roblesgrowth