Hard Letting Go


When a job is stressful, the people are difficult to work with, and you dread Monday morning, the moment a better opportunity comes along you jump on it. No-brainer really; move on to something better and put it all behind you. 

But when you love a place, truly care for those you work with and enjoy the job, the decision to move on becomes difficult. Even when a significantly "better" opportunity arises, leaving a place you cherish and genuinely loved is heartbreaking. 

Today I gave notice at a job I've been working for almost five years. That's most of my married life and working career after college. I loved the job, the people, and pretty much everything about it. What's even harder, this is the second time I've left a job that I truly cared about. 

When I gave notice to both my first employer, the one who took a chance on me right out of college, *and today* to my current boss who helped me see the world, literally, I cried. And then later, I cried again. 

Moving on is hard, even when the next chapter is full of promise and excitement. And if the first two jobs of my adult life were so good that I cry in front of my boss as I tell him I'm leaving, I have been truly blessed.