Hearing A Life Story


One of the most inspiring and thought-provoking activities one can do is hearing the life story of another person. Celebrities and successful entreprenurs are certainly interesting, but the life story of every person contains nuggets of wisdom.

Hearing how childhood affects choices later in life, or listening to a person's hindsight looking back on their poor choices in young adulthood; we could all benefit from exposing each other to the stories that shaped our lives. 

If you listen to one life story this week, I encourage you listen to Penn Jillette's. He is part of the magician duo, Penn and Teller, and has a very interesting and inspiring backstory. From church going youth to atheist, from street performer to playing over 240 shows a year in Las Vegas, and what it means to perform the same trick for 40 years, it's worth a few minutes. Take a listen here.

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