Hello, 2016


When this posts at 12:00am, in the first seconds of the New Year, many will bravely attempt to fulfill their resolutions. Whether that's exercise, saving money or reading more, they believe a turn of the calendar and sheer willpower will help them finally achieve their lofty goals.

Some may follow through, others will forget come January 2nd, but if we want any hope of success there needs to be a plan. I did not have a set time or place to write this blog every day, but I did set a daily recurring reminder that went off at 11:00pm. If I had not written my post by then, it was time to block everything out and get it done.

Consistency requires intentionality. Your wants and desires will not magically appear without effort and strategy. So whatever you want to change this year, don't make a resolution, make a plan. Be as detailed as possible and set aside time for your task. Invest in changing yourself, and you will prevail.

Happy New Year.

Before this blog is retired, I would like to thank you for reading it. Some of you have read it for months if not the entire year, and I appreciate your faithfulness. Hopefully you have found valuable insights and ideas to help you in your workplace, relationships, and family.

My goal this next year is to write even more, perhaps less often but deeper content on events happening in our country and in our world. If you would like to continue reading my work, I'd suggest following me on Twitter and subscribe to my permanent blog: stephenrobles.com

Stephen Robleschange