Help Someone


Tomorrow is garbage day in my neighborhood. Trash canisters line the streets the night before. During my drive home, I saw a man and woman removing garbage bags from a large dumpster, opening them, and most likely searching for food. 

It was heartbreaking, but certainly not the only homeless person I saw today. I pass at least two on my drive to the grocery store. Several on the way to the mall. There is no shortage of people in need. 

On one level, I want to help every person in need. But that task is daunting and ultimately, impossible. So if I can't help them all, is it even worth it to help some? 

It may seem cliché, but the starfish and the beach analogy does apply. No, you can't help every person in need, but you can choose one. Help one person, even if it seems futile, it will make all the difference to them. 

Stephen Robleshelp