How To Survive A Flood (Of Tasks)


When you try to stay organized and keep up with your tasks, it can be difficult to deal with new responsibilities if they flood in at once. A big event, a change in plans, not thinking ahead; all these can contribute to a time of chaos that you have to manage.

Your usual workflows and processes won’t help here: It’s time for survival mode. You can’t try to outpace the waves of emails and tasks, that will only frustrate and exhaust you. Find a way to keep track of everything first. You can’t accomplish a task if you forgot what it was.

Write everything down, even if it’s unorganized at first. Don’t worry about solving the issues before you at least have record of each one. Then, systematically work through the list. Are some more pressing than others? Do you need input from a colleague before proceeding on a specific task? When the wave comes, ingest the tasks first, organize them for later reference, analyze the priorities, then take them on one by one.

Stephen Roblestasks