Identity is Overrated


In a world filled with personality profiles and self-discovery books, I’m becoming more and more convinced identity is overrated. The problem with identity is that it’s confining.

Think about the kid who discovers he’s a goth. That limits his clothing choices, friends, and outlook on life. Or think of a hipster (though none would ever call themselves such). Most identities are merely ways of pigeonholing ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an individual. Putting myself in a box of “identity” doesn’t cut it. I have more potential than what other people can quantify.

And I believe the magic is in the pursuit of that identity. Continual self-discovery and choosing who I want to be—that’s the value of identity.  Don’t be so quick to define yourself based on other people. You’re more than a stereotype.

Jonathan Malm is a creative entrepreneur and author of Created for More.

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