It's Just A Button


Any task comes with two distinct perspectives. The first is from the one making a request. "Create a website," or "write a newsletter," might be something you hear from a superior or client. The other perspective is held by the receiver, who is responsible for completing the task.

From the asker's perspective a task might seem simple: Just make me a rounded corner button on the homepage that opens a form. With no knowledge of web development, a few minutes seems like a reasonable timescale. From a web developer perspective, there are lines of code, database integration, scripting, graphic design, and even more involved.

As an asker, or leader, it's impossible to know all that goes into accomplishing a given task, and people do work at different speeds. But when you have a trustworthy teammate, trust their timetables. A task may seem simple on the surface, but to do it with excellence may take more time than you think. And that's okay.

Stephen Roblesleadership