Look to the Soul


In most cases, I can look past a person's appearance and have a decent conversation without preconceived notions about their personality or convictions. Tattoos, crazy hair, clothing (I'm no fashion expert), all those factors are peripheral. But the one thing I have trouble getting past are the ear "gauges." Those things that stretch out the ear so far that if removed, I assume, would leave a gaping hole where there was not one before.

I'm not sure what it is, but I try extra hard to not let those affect me. The problem is, we now have much more information to judge others upon in addition to their appearance. We can look at their past Facebook posts, Instagram feed, or Twitter. We can clearly see their humor, friends, beliefs, and affiliations. But even those methods do not let you truly see into a person.

We are quick to write others off when they post a picture of the presidential candidate we would never vote for, or if they say anything to offend our convictions. But, like you, they too have a soul. One that experiences pain, angst, joy, and sorrow the same as you. Yes, there will be massive differences on the outside, and some on the inside as well. Look through the surfaces and layers, make the effort to relate and learn about that person before placing them in a "category."

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

— Matthew 22:39
Stephen Roblessoul