Loyalty is the Best Payment


Customers come and go. They grab their cup of coffee and in 60 seconds walk out the door. But in those 60 seconds you can provide a great experience and create a loyal customer, or lose that person for life. 

I make websites for people, and have clients going back almost 10 years. The other day I got an email from one of my first clients. Their old website expired and they want a new one.  

They could have called hundreds of people or googled "website creators" and seen thousands of options, but they called me. When we met to discuss their new site, they said,

"You're easy to work with, always treated me right, and I knew you wouldn't rip me off." 

In other words, he became a loyal customer. And your loyal customers may not seek you out often, and it may not seem worth going the extra mile, but loyalty is the best payment. 

Stephen Roblesloyalty