Moving Right Along


For a handful of years, Geoff conducted a local community orchestra after inheriting it from the ensemble's founder. He was popular and significantly increased the number of both the participants and the customers (audience). Whilst on this high wave he decided to retire and let everyone retain their pleasant memories of his time with the orchestra. At the same time, Nigel retired from the popular physical therapy group he founded that served local as well as national professional athletes. He moved out of State and consulted with several companies near his new home.

Geoff complained about the new conductor who was improving the quality of the orchestra, and Nigel missed the accolades and greetings in the hallways and on the streets where everyone knew who he was. They had both moved on with their lives but did not let go of where they had left, living in their past glories. Geoff began a new, smaller ensemble, which broke up the original group, and Nigel moved back to his hometown but had already been replaced as President and CEO of his company, and had no place to work or keep busy.

It is a good thing to realize when the benefits you bring to others have been maximized and you choose to leave that environment with good memories and a good impact on those who follow you. It is also good when you let go of that environment and move right along with your own life, as well as letting those who follow you move right along with theirs. 

Conductor Composer Stephen P Brow s a creative visionary who coaches musicians to share their passion with the world. He is also on a #PsalmQuest to compose 150 new pieces of music by his 50th birthday.

Stephen P. Brownmoving