Nothing You Can Do


Driving back to my office, just minutes away, my front left tire went flat. Quickly turning onto a side road I get out of my car to confirm the tire's integrity, and it is in fact, flat. I get back inside and think.

In a wave of emotion I felt defeated, angry, and a host of other things over a few brief seconds. Having never changed a tire before (yes, I know, save the comments), the situation probably seemed more dire than necessary. But after a few moments I resolved there was nothing to do, but take the first step in fixing the problem. 

Retracing my steps to think what I could have done to prevent this was pointless, and complaining was equally fruitless. It was a situation where the only thing to do was get to work. Staying in your head and allowing thoughts or emotions to take over won't help anyone. Get of the car and get to work. It's not that bad anyway.

Stephen Roblesserenity