Once a Year


When you're a kid, having a birthday means gifts, cake, games, and friends. You look forward to it weeks before with anticipation and excitement. Not only will you get to celebrate, but you turn one year older! One year closer to independence, adulthood, and real life.

There comes a year though, somewhere in the 20's, that birthdays are no longer about parties, but consist of reflection and reality. Youth is gone, real life is here, and the clock is relentless. Questions arise: Am I making progress towards the life I hope to have in ten years? Am I proud of the choices I made so far? Should I have done something different?

As we get older, the questions become louder than the celebrations. Others will celebrate you, buy you things and give you cards, and it's nice. But the truth remains, time marches on. That one day a year when life seems to lurch forward, remember that regret benefits no one.

Everything you have done, the choices you've made up to this point are written in stone. They cannot be changed. But today you will have decisions to make. Choices are available. Begin to take steps in the direction you want to travel for the next ten years. Ask yourself: "Will the person I am years from now look back and wish I did something different?"

Stephen Roblesbirthday