Path of Least Resistance


My family has driven many hours as we’ve traveled from Florida to New York, North Carolina and Virginia. With small children that means many stops and rest area breaks, but more importantly we try to get home using the fastest route. 

If you use a GPS app you’re probably familiar with the choice of “shortest route” and “fastest route.” Seemingly a contradiction, there are times when a route is shorter, but because of speed limits, traffic, or tolls, it is faster to take a longer route. 

It’s not always intuitive as you watch your trajectory veer away from your destination, or even seem to go in the wrong direction, but you are in fact getting there quicker. When you’re stuck in a project or can’t seem to make any progress, step back and view the route from a distance. You may have to make some unconventional twists and turns to reach the end in a reasonable amount of time.