Press Forward


There comes a point in any meeting or discussion when too many ideas have been voiced and everyone is reaching their wits' end. Once this point is reached, we're tempted to run with the best idea so far and just be done with it.

Settling on that idea is gratifying in the moment, but if it's not the right idea, when it comes time to implement it will clearly fall short. Then you or the team must scramble to find a better idea and rush to deliver it on time.

Clearly the last minute, rush-to-product method isn't ideal, but the only way to combat it is back in the conference room. Great ideas seldom happen in the heat of the moment, those ideas are just to get by. When the team is tempted to give up on figuring out a plan, push through. Persevere. Don't leave the room until you find the right idea, not just the convenient one.

Stephen Roblesforward