Put Temptation Two Steps Away


If you are trying to overcome temptation in some area of your life, sheer will power may not be enough. We have all tried and failed at simply resisting temptation, so next time do something different. 

Whether you are trying to quit a habit, do something less often, spend less money or eat less candy, put one extra step between you and the temptation. For instance: you don’t want to be on Facebook as much. Take the app off your home screen and bury it in a folder. Maybe delete the app and only access Facebook in the web browser on your phone. You’re still allowing yourself to do it, but that one or two degrees of inconvenience will start to add up. 

Maybe you want to save more money; put it in a savings account that you can’t instantly withdraw from. Possibly in a bank across town that you don’t access online. Put the M&M’s one shelf higher. Put the computer a few feet further into view of the living room. It may seem like a minor step, but over time you will find it easier and easier to resist that temptation.

Stephen Roblestemptation