Race to the Bottom


You only have to scroll through your Facebook feed a few seconds to see preposterous and asinine headlines screaming, begging for you to click and find out what happens next. These "viral" articles and videos have no intention of teaching you something valuable or praiseworthy, they merely hope you will load their website and increase their ad impression count by 1.

The life span of most media today is mere hours if not minutes. It's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to profit while generating long, thought out, time consuming written or video pieces. We no longer have the attention span for that. So rather than quality, it's a race to the bottom. What is the lowest quality article and headline we can create that's just good enough you'll click on it.

We've created the monster. We say we don't have time to read this, or sit down and attempt to comprehend that. If you are a creator of things, rise against the tide. Be thoughtful and write something that makes people think. Don't worry how many people see, hope those that do see it are impacted by it. And when you consume media, don't go for the fast food. Be thoughtful in what you read and watch.

Stephen Roblesmedia, bottom