Ready, Fire, Aim


Sometimes one of the hardest decisions to make is whether or not to do nothing. To wait. In the business world, time is money. The faster a product launches, the faster something hits the market, the better chance it will make money. 

But sometimes being first means being second best

You may know that the Apple Watch launched recently. App developers everywhere rushed to have their apps available on launch day. With every new device launch it's a sort of "gold rush" to be featured and ready for people to download immediately. Waiting could be costly. 

The problem: Many developers didn't have access to the physical Apple Watch. They had to develop and test in a simulator. A very different experience than using an app on your wrist. One developer took the chance and decided not to develop their app until they had a physical watch in hand.  

AnyList is a great grocery list app I use every week. I looked forward to seeing what they could do with the Watch. Alas, their app was nowhere to be found on launch day. I encourage you to read their excellent post, but their reasoning is sound. They want to make something great, and being rushed to market without proper testing is below their own standards. Being first doesn't mean being best, and even if you miss the gold rush, make something of quality and people will desire it all the same. 

Stephen Roblesaim