Busyness has crept up on our lives so quickly, and so quietly, that we wonder why there is no time for anything anymore. It seems like we are consumed by work, events, parties and responsibilities. To sit quietly and just think seems like a waste of time, to me included.

Rarely do we find ourselves alone, doing nothing, without distraction, just...thinking. Praying. Detoxing the mind. These times of reflection no longer come naturally, and will not happen by accident. But they are necessary nonetheless. 

Find a place; for me it's by the water. A lake, ocean, anything. For you, maybe it's the mountains or a busy city street. If it helps, listen to music (without lyrics or a recognizable melody preferably). Turn off the phone. Off, not silent. Then, stare. Breathe deep. Think. Reflect.

Stephen Roblesreflection