We all fear it. That moment when you go out on a limb to connect to someone, maybe with hopes of starting a friendship or something more, and instead of acceptance you're given a cold shoulder. A few of those encounters over time and we become less and less likely to try it again.

Emotional pain has lasting affects, both to our mind and body. Unlike physical pain which is momentary, emotional hurt will come back to haunt us over and over again. Like the troll who knows our every weakness, we stop trying to seek relationship hoping he will be satisfied.

To be alone is even worse. The voice of rejection is never silenced, even if your last attempt at reaching out to someone was years ago. But don't be without hope. Try again, putting failure in the past. At the base level, we are all human, and we all share similar experiences. You can connect with someone. Yes, it is always a chance, a gamble, but one that is worth it.