Remember The People


There are as many combinations of beliefs and convictions as there are people on this Earth. Some will only disagree slightly on (what you consider) peripheral issues, and inevitably you will side with them on most things.

Others will hold vastly different convictions than you, many will be in direct opposition to the rights and wrongs you hold dear. You do not have to agree with them, and you can even hold civil discussions on the important matters without working everyone into a frenzy. But the most important thing to remember is that there are living, breathing, people behind those opposing ideas.

People justify getting angry at the ideas of others, but those ideas are attached to a human being. One with emotions, and ultimately, a soul. If your goal is to understand, empathize, and work through the struggles with that very different person, do so with care. Meaningful conversations with people that vastly conflict with your beliefs are possible. But if your goal is to incite hysteria, continue despising others, and widen the rift between you, then please,

Carry on.

Stephen Roblespeople