Responsibility and Maturity


During childhood, we always dream of what it will be like once we grow up. How great it will be to have a Driver's License, earn our own money, have true independence. But those few years packed with freedom quickly turn to real-life, serious responsibility.

The workplace is no different. We begin our entry-level positions dreaming of one day becoming a manager. Or how amazing it would be as CEO. But we don't realize the weight that must be carried along with that position. It's not only responsibility, but maturity.

In positions of leadership you will be required to have difficult conversations, address hostile individuals, and deal with a great number of stressors. But you will also be expected to have the highest level of maturity. As a leader, you cannot argue back with the same tone as your accuser. There is now a higher calling, one that may require your maturity level to catch up to your position. 

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