Seven Months


Since January 1 of this year, I have written a post every day. Usually I try to retain the role of narrator, avoiding the first-person voice. Lately I've been more introspective, writing about my current job transition. But as I attempt to offer sound advice and productive thoughts based on experience, a common thread has been forming throughout the year.

At the root, most of my writing is about people. Working, communicating, learning, and sometimes dealing with people. For most of my life I have seen those with differing beliefs, appearances, and convictions as worlds apart. Nothing like me, and probably misguided. But as I have seen other countries and cultures, spoken with people deeply and truly listened, I have seen we are more alike than different. 

Most of all, it's easy to see someone else as wrong. It takes much more maturity to understand why they have come to believe what they believe, and to get a glimpse of the path their life has taken. We would all benefit greatly from lessening the divide between us, eating with those we have tried to avoid, and understand the journey of each person before we choose to hate.

Stephen Roblesseven