Small Changes


To make any kind of meaningful lifestyle change is extremely hard. We usually get motivated around January 1st, for whatever reason, or we get really tired of something about ourselves and we vow to change it, fast. The problem is, that thing about yourself has become a thing over time. And to reverse or change it will also be a process.

The cycle goes: motivation > extreme changes > burnout > stop trying. Sometimes people make it through the burnout phase and reach their goal, but most do not. The more reasonable and long term strategy is to make small changes over time. If you want to read more, don't vow to read three books over the weekend. You'll probably fail and get discouraged. 

Instead, add 5-10 minutes of reading time into your daily schedule. It may take weeks or months to finish one book, but there's a much better chance you'll actually finish it. And in the end, there is more fulfillment in making a permanent change slowly rather than making a temporary change quickly. 

Stephen Robleschange