If You're the Smartest Person in the Room, Keep it to Yourself


We've all encountered this kind of person. Maybe they were a teacher, coworker or boss. When this person entered a room, everyone was forced to acknowledge them. Surely they were smart, genius even, but their countenance closed everyone's ears.

You may also see this at the airport or hotel. A businessman on the phone, speaking loud enough for everyone to hear that he closed his BIG SALE. These people are creating a façade of greatness. They may be great at what they do, but suffer from their own self-consciousness and doubt.

True leaders, no matter how smart or experienced they are, do not boast. They are humble, happy to work with others at any skill level, and have no desire to be condescending.

You may be in a leadership role right now. Maybe you're a manager, church leader or business owner. The people who work under and for you already know your position. They don't need to be reminded. Instead, show your character by working alongside them, speaking words of encouragement, and helping others feel valued.

Stephen Roblesconfidence