Start With The Hard Part


You have a long-term goal, and you've decided on the first step you need to take, now it's time to execute. You go to sleep with the intention of doing that thing the next day. At some point.


A good idea might be to put it in your calendar. This will reveal any conflicts and help you schedule that task at a point when you will be available. But go one step further and try to pencil it in at the earliest time slot. Before work, before breakfast, maybe even before anyone else in the house is awake. 

Once a day begins we all have our routines. Adding something new and challenging to an already busy and ingrained routine will be difficult, sometimes impossible. It may mean getting up earlier and resisting the urge to snooze, but try to accomplish that new thing as early as possible. Then you can live the rest of your day encouraged, knowing you've already made a change for the better.

Stephen Roblesstart