Step One: Perfection


Perfection is rarely possible, let alone reasonable. In school it is possible to earn 100/100 points an an exam, or recite the alphabet "perfectly," but as adults our responsibilities are far less black and white. 

We aim for excellence, strive to work hard and do our best, but sometimes we need to go even further. Completing a task with excellence is one thing, but infusing that end product with life is another. 

Take an orchestra, for example. Any mistake is clearly heard by the audience. A wrong note by the tuba, tuning issues with the piccolo; all these issues make it difficult to enjoy a performance. A communal perfection must be achieved for people to enjoy a musical piece distraction-free. But there's something beyond that perfection as well. 

Two different orchestras can play the same piece, both performing flawlessly, and each pull on your emotions in a different way. It's only after you don't have to worry about the mistakes that passion can take over and create something beautiful. Aim to make something not just perfect yet sterile, but something injected with creativity, emotion, and humanity.