Sweat The Details


We categorize workers into strengths and weaknesses: the ambitious, the multitasker, the techy person or the visionary. Among those we consider some to be "detail-oriented," as though that's a strength not everyone has. It's true, some may be more inclined than others to keeping track of details , but the reality is we all need to be detail-oriented.

Even before you are hired for a job, you need to sweat the details. What if your application has typos in it? What if your phone number is one digit off? Your email address listed as @gmial instead of @gmail? We know these things are inexcusable and triple-check our application, but for some reason think we can be lax on details once we're actually hired on staff.  

Regardless of your role or position, you need to become a detailed person. Everything from meeting times, email grammar, typos in social media posts, due dates, and more, a mistake is a mistake. If you struggle keeping track of details, you may have a harder time. But saying "you're not a detailed person" doesn't cut it. 

Stephen Roblesdetails