Taking Ownership


Humans are very good at identifying and bringing attention to problems. For example, many of those involved with orchestras have consistently moaned about the decline of audiences and how society is diminishing the value of live classical music.

But a handful of people are no longer complaining and whining. Instead, they have taken ownership of classical music in their region and are trying new ways to share live music with others. Instead of waiting for someone else to make a change, they did it themselves.

Whatever you find frustrating in life, see if there is anything you can do about it. One wise mentor said "assume you have the authority until someone tells you you don't." Kept within reasonable bounds, that can serve you very well. The other maxim applicable to this conversation is to ask yourself: "what is the most foolish thing about this process?" and then change it, or recommend an alternative. Take ownership of something that doesn't work. Make it yours, and introduce a better solution.

Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown helps people share their passion for live music to build a better society. He is also on a #PsalmQuest to compose 150 new pieces of music by his 50th birthday

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