Texting Distortion Field


The internet has ruined how we communicate. Social media has become a zero sum game where arguments lead no where and the only result is frustration. We prefer texting and messaging through pixels rather than speaking to one another, increasing the chances of misunderstanding. And worse of all, we say things in comments that we would never think to say to someone in person.

But culture has convinced us that tapping our fingers is more efficient and productive than speaking to one another. At times this is true, like when you need to send the same message to five people at once. Other times our lack of writing and interpreting skills cause great confusion, and we exaggerate or distort what the other person is saying.

When a conversation over text is heating up, or your controversial Facebook post has incurred the wrath of a distant relative, stop the conversation on that medium. Nothing meaningful or productive will come from going farther down that road. Instead, pick up the phone. Call the person. Or better yet, arrange to meet them over coffee. We are at our best when communicating with another human being face-to-face.


Stephen Roblescommunication