The Art of Staying Busy


There is a noticeable difference between those who are naturally inclined to self-motivation and those who are not. But regardless of your propensity, if you desire to be successful in any field, you’re going to have to develop a constant drive. A drive to better your skills and to aquire new ones.

You cannot wait for a teacher or trainer to appear. In the age of YouTube and the internet at large, that excuse of needing someone else to learn is no longer valid. I learned how to build a website, edit video, format and publish eBooks, and a lot more in jobs that never required or asked me to do it.

Be proactive and find things that will not only benefit the company you work for, but will add value to your skill set in the long run. Always do your job, but in times of little direction or a lull in projects, take initiative to learn, develop, and try new things.


Stephen Roblesmotivation, drive