The End Part I


I began 2015 with the audacious goal to blog every single day of the year. As of this writing, only two more posts stand in the way of completing this task. Why did I do it and what has it benefitted? After 362 days of writing, a few answers have come to the surface.

Two traits of any successful undertaking (in my opinion) are excellence and consistency. I have written in the past with some confirmation of excellence, but never was it consistent. I cannot say every single post this past year has been my best writing, but I have at least been faithful to the project. And that is satisfying enough.

The benefits? I would be lying to say this blog became a wild success with thousands of readers every day. It has not been profitable nor has it brought new opportunities (yet), but several people have told me a post has made them think, or inspired them. If that is true, then at least this blog's name and effort is justified.

But what of personal benefit? For that, see tomorrow's penultimate blog.

Stephen Roblesconclusion