The End Part II


Do anything for long enough and you will learn something about yourself in the process. One of the more haunting questions I sought to answer this year was: Am I a writer? Perhaps not a professional writer, but at least an aspiring one? I believe so.

I have heard it said that you can know you're a writer if you are nagged by an idea until it gets on paper (or screen). That was not the case each of the past 363 days, but some days it was particularly strong. We all achieve catharsis through different means, some by thrill seeking, others by fishing. Whatever your thing may be, writing is certainly one of mine.

Knowing this about myself, I can feel justified in writing even if no one is reading. If a great piece of art is seen by no one, can it still be great? I think so.

I have also found it is difficult to predict what people will enjoy or value reading. Some days when I've felt a post was sub-par, it will get the most views and shares. Other times the subject matter seemed particularly enticing, yet a fraction of subscribers share it. But, write for long enough and something will appeal to a majority of your readers.

One more to go.

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