The End Part III


Of the various platitudes I received while writing this blog, one was heard the most: I enjoy reading your posts, they're short. On one hand it's high praise, implying that I pack good material in a concise package. On the other, it's proof that my original mission still stands.

When I launched PeopleThink I implored that we need to stop living headline to headline, lift our eyes from the pixels in our hand, and think deeply about the world around us for ourselves. The length of my posts allowed readers a brief reprieve from the fire hose of social media, hopefully to inspire deeper thought. But that's not enough.

Increasingly we are informed by the extreme sides of any news story by the slanted links shared on Facebook. Rarely do we study, research, and speak to others of differing opinions in a civil manner before forming an opinion of our own. No, we can't all be scholars of every subject, but the ones we choose to defend require more of us.

So what's next? Perhaps one more.

Stephen Roblesthought