The First to Come Along


Saying no to an opportunity can be difficult when there isn't something else waiting behind it. It could be a job offer, maybe the first car you find within your budget, the first house you and your spouse agree on; the reaction is to jump on it. Grab it before it disappears.

We feel that urge because it's right in front of us. Any other prospective option, possibly much better option, isn't available. Sometimes that works out. After car shopping for days you find the first one you looked at was the best of all. But, what if the immediate option comprises your convictions, your beliefs? What then?

Saying no to a seemingly good opportunity takes will power and wisdom. Saying no means waiting, wondering, hoping for another chance. But even if nothing comes around again for a long time, you still have your integrity, and you can still hope. 

Stephen Roblesfirst