The Importance of History


The United States of America celebrated is 239th birthday yesterday. A fairly young country compared to other parts of the globe. Some countries span millenia, yet we're only half-way to our Quincentennial. Yet even with several hundred years of history, there is much to learn about our founders and how we came to be. 

Rarely do we go back and read the original documents signed by our founding fathers, or read biographies of the American Revolutionaries. Instead, we assume the truths we have heard and *facts* told by others are indeed, reality. Who has time to read all that anyway?

The issue comes when we build our own convictions on the word of others. Whether it's intentional or not, hearing the stories second hand can result in altered truth, like a 239 year old game of telephone. We don't have time to read every word and law written since July 4, 1776, but we should know enough, first-hand, to discern truth from fiction. 

Stephen Robleshistory