The Larger the Ship, the Slower the Turn


To navigate a winding canal in a rowboat is simple enough. The small boat can stop quickly and make sharp turns as needed. But as the size of ship grows, the less maneuverable it becomes. The same twists and turns would be impossible for a cargo ship.

When you start a business, or freelance on your own, decisions can be made at the drop of a hat. There's no one else needing to hear about changes or updates, and you can decide the best course of action in an instant. As you hire help, employees, and bring on teammates, your agility as a business decreases. 

Great communication can help the process, but the very nature of informing everyone inevitably takes more time than when it was just you. A cruise ship can be powerful and capable of a great many things, but will never be as agile as a kayak. As your business and team grows, understand that your decisions will affect everyone. But more importantly, communicating effectively to everyone who needs to know is essential.

Stephen Roblesship