The Problem With Writing About Important Things


For years I wrote about technology as a job. The best apps, the newest phone, rumors of what may come next; it's a fine topic, but one that's relatively safe. Sure, people will take issue with your review and say you don't know what you're talking about, but it's a phone. The risk of backlash is fairly low.

But writing about technology is inherently finite. Even the best review of a product will be moot in a year or less. You are more free to mess up in this realm because everyone will forget what you wrote in mere days.

My desire is to write about timeless subjects, things that will apply to people's lives years from now. How we communicate, how we solve issues, about love, hate, and everything in between. The problem is, when someone attacks your thoughts on these topics it hits much closer to home. They are not chiding your thoughts on a phone, they are questioning your worldview.

It's dangerous to put in writing your true thoughts about the world. To challenge others and their beliefs with your words, but it is necessary. To grow as human beings and learn how to live better, someone must write about the important things, the difficult things. Don't let the fear of criticism hold you back.

Stephen Robleswriting