The Roots of Difference


My son is on a T-Ball team with six-year-olds of various races, colors, and gender. They are all clearly different in appearance, personality, and backgrounds. Yet they all support and enjoy each other's company. My son even invited various children to our house before asking!

Without any influence or instruction from people around them, be it parents or peers, there is no excluding a child because of their race. Surely skin colors are different, but so are hair colors, eyes, faces, etc. They can see the differences, but act on the lowest common denominator: they are all children wanting to play a game of T-Ball.  

Differences are only seen as negative when they are taught to be. To look down or even despise a person based on differences in race or appearance is something passed down; a nurture, not nature. We must be careful never to instill negativity on the differences between us. At the root, we all share humanity, mortality, and the struggles which can unite us.