The Squeaky Wheel


As the saying goes, the one who complains, whines and grumbles the most will always get what they want. The coworker who keeps complaining they're overworked (whether they are or not) will get more vacation time. The most irate customer in line will be helped first.

Unfortunately, those who detest complaining never benefit from the oil going to all the other squeaky wheels. That means you, as the manager, employer, parent or leader, must pay enough attention to know when there is an actual problem, or when someone is just squeaking.

The customer service industry amplifies this malfunction even more. Now, to get any kind of reasonable service from an airline, hotel or most businesses, you must be the squeakiest wheel. Will it be possible to reverse these effects? I don't know. But let's only squeak when there is a real, serious issue, and encourage others to do the same.