The Troll in Each of Us


Before the Internet, trolls were mystical creatures guarding the bridges of fantasy. Today, a troll is someone in an article's "comments" who seeks to incite hysteria, anger or frustration. 

But in addition to the trolls on the outside, we each struggle with our own troll. The heckling, discouraging, and belittling voice we hear every time we try to accomplish something.

"You don't have the talent for that!" 

"Other people do this much better, leave it to them." 

"Stop wasting your time, you'll never make a difference anyway." 

This troll is a professional, and the worst part is he knows everything about you. Your fears, your hang ups, your self-consciousness. How does he know?

Because he's you.  

Our own insecurities can be the biggest obstacle to doing something meaningful. Fears of failure and insignificance stop us from ever starting.  

Don't let the troll (Internet or otherwise) stop you from taking the first step over the bridge.  

Stephen Roblestroll