The Weapon of Anonymity


Rest assured, express your opinion or feelings on a matter and someone will scream about how wrong you are. Even if you are on the side of facts, truths that can be seen and tested, people will still call you ignorant, misinformed, or worse.

When you're on the receiving end of malicious comments, for something you shared on social media or an opinion voiced, it hurts. Maybe it angers you. But when your work, the stuff you have been trained to do and do for a living is criticized, it cuts even deeper.

Any time you put your work and thoughts into the world, someone with an egg for a profile picture is going to try and tear you down. Why? Because it's easy, and you'll never know who they are. There is no consequence for them to express hate, while all the consequence is on you for attributing your name to a belief.

But remember, for every spiteful comment showcasing how "wrong you are," there is probably another saying the exact opposite. Praising you for speaking out and agreeing with you. Those voices are quieter and hard to find, but they are there. So don't let the anonymous trolls keep you from doing the best work possible and doing it for all to see.

Stephen Roblesanonymity, hate