Time Goes One Direction


I'm convinced that if we could control time, not to reverse it, but to speed it up or slow it down, we would reach the end of our lives quickly and unfulfilled. Sure, there are seasons when we wish time would slow down, like vacations, when we finally get a leisurely Saturday morning; but I think more often we'd make time hurry up.

When the kids are sick, when we're sick, when work is tough, when we're in a conflict with someone, we'd probably want to pass by all those things. The problem is, time may pass quickly or slowly, but we never get more of it.

There's this great article about our perception of time, you should read it. The biggest takeaway I found is that time seems to move slower when we're doing something we've never done before. So you go on vacation, those first two days seem long. But after the first couple, the remaining days fly by and you're back in the routine again.

As hard as it may be, don't wish time away. Try to grasp every moment you can. And if you want more time, break the monotony. Do something different, something bold, something new.

Stephen Roblestime