Time Off


I'm not good at going on vacation. It always seems like more work to get ready for vacation than it is just to keep working. Then you have the option of turning off email and messages, going totally off the grid, or to stay connected (Hint: Staying connected is not a vacation).

It takes a few days for the mind to let go of the emails and tasks piling up in your absence. Yes, you know there is a mountain of stuff that will be waiting for you upon returning; decisions to be made and new challenges to overcome. But as much as you don't think you need time off, your soul, and your family, needs you to.

Do vacation right. Turn off everything work related, both on your phone and in your mind. Be totally present with your family and friends and pretend there's no one grasping for your attention at work. It's hard, but necessary.

Stephen Roblesvacation