To Be Teachable


I have a Bachelor's of Music Degree in Trumpet Perfomance, yet none of my job(s) pay me for my musicianship. I love music, and will always play or sing in something, but my value as an employee is not beholden to notes on a staff.  

In college a good friend introduced me to Photoshop and web design. I taught myself Final Cut, bought books on HTML, and became well versed in everything Internet. But even those skills are mediocre at best, there are far better video producers and web developers out there than me. 

Why I get to work in jobs I love is because I've learned how to continually learn. As a child, I read every video game manual before ever playing a new game. I wanted to know exactly how to play before picking up the controller. 

It's not always fun to have to learn a new skill, but if you can adapt, problem solve, and ride the learning curves just a hair faster than others, you will be a valuable asset to any company. 

Stephen Roblesteach