Vision Litmus Test


The company you work for should have a vision or mission statement. If you don't know it, ask for it. Ideally this statement or brief paragraph should describe the organization's ultimate goal. That may be to sell more vacuum cleaners or something like, build wells in Africa so people have fresh drinking water. 

Whether or not you believe the goal is noble or not is one thing, but if you want to succeed and progress in the company you're a part of, knowing the vision that motivates and steers the ship is essential. Every task and idea you have should be held against the vision of your organization.

Does this action or project align and further the goals of my company? Would our founder / CEO get excited over what I've created and how it contributes to our mission? It may sound over-submissive, but if you want to judge the likelihood of your idea getting accepted into the organization, ask if it holds up to the vision.

Stephen Roblesvision