We're all busy, and trying to accomplish something during the work week (in addition to work) is seemingly impossible. Running to the hardware store, making a doctor's appointment; unless life forces a break in the schedule, you'll likely be running all week.

Then comes the weekend, a time to catch up. The house stuff, errands, side work, (maybe) sleep, those two days could be used to accomplish so much. And many times it's necessary to catch up. Things need to get done. But you also need to rest.

It's hard for workaholics and get-things-done personalities to stop doing when there's a mountain of tasks ahead, but plowing forward when your mind and body need a break won't help anyone. Take a day, or two, over your weekend and rest. Don't try and fit in an errand here and household chore there; those to-do's aren't going anywhere. So take a break, really.

Stephen Roblesweekend