What Is Gossip?


When does voicing a legitimate concern turn into gossip? Sometimes a statement is clearly crossing the line, other times it can be a grey area. But regardless of the gossip's severity, it can grow like a weed and its negativity spreads quickly.

Putting a stop to gossip, or negative speech is imperative to maintaining forward movement within an organization. One of the clearest litmus tests for uncovering gossip is to ask yourself: Am I sharing this issue with someone who is empowered to deal with it, or am I simply spreading dissonance to a colleague.

If you have a legitimate concern, sharing that with someone on the same managerial level as you, or someone who works for you, is gossip. That person can do nothing with that information but spread it or agree with you in negativity. On the contrary, if you share that with someone up the leadership chain who has the authority to address the issue, now you're making a productive move towards organizational progress.

Stephen Roblesgossip